About Us

Our Mission Statement

Board Rescue is a 501(c)(3) public benefit non-profit corporation dedicated to providing skateboards & safety equipment to organizations that work with underprivileged, at-risk and special needs children.

About Board Rescue

Board Rescue began operations in 2008 and since its inception thousands of children across the United States have benefited from their participation in the act of skateboarding. In addition to keeping kids healthy and strong, being active for 60 minutes each day has been shown to increase concentration and focus, improve classroom attendance and behavior, boost academic performance, and many other health benefits to exercising on a regular basis. Learning to skateboard and progressing to learning new tricks can lead to more confidence, and it certainly teaches children the lesson that hard work, determination, practice and commitment can lead to positive results. At its core, skateboarding is about getting outside, getting some exercise and having fun, but it can also teach kids many skills that can be applied in their day-to-day lives.

The donations we make to organizations are made possible because of support from individuals making monetary donations and our partners who choose to make donations to us. Over 90% of each dollar donated is directly spent on purchasing skateboards, the other 10% is used to pay shipping costs and purchase or pay for small business items like shipping charges, web hosting, boxes, packing tape, business cards and stickers. We are an all-volunteer staff so your donation will make a big difference, thank you.

Where does Board Rescue operate?

We help youth organizations in the United States only.

Are the Board members of Board Rescue paid a salary?

Nope—we are all volunteers!

What year did you begin operations and where are you located?

2008 in Palo Alto, California.

Do you give equipment, boards, or safety gear to individuals?

Sorry, but we only work with organizations. Check your local area for programs that may offer equipment directly to individuals.

I’d like to volunteer, how can I help?

We’re fully staffed, but send us an email if you have any special skills you think would help.

Board of Directors and Volunteers

Gary Holl

Skateboarding since 1975

Doug Conklyn

Vice President
Skateboarding since 1976

Erik Takaoka

Treasurer and Secretary
Skateboarding since 1975

Chris Adams

Director of Technology
Can’t skate to save his life

Veronica Santo

Social Media Project Manager
Skateboarding since 2001